Most of the time we think that the people who are “making it online” know something that you we don’t know.

But I want to tell you that it’s not true. You just need a reminder that you do know how to sell and believe in yourself that you can do this.  If I could boil it down to what has changed my business in the past few years is this one thing.


I have changed my mindset to “I’m not good at selling” to “I’m good at selling”.


As difficult as our mind wants to make it. Selling is the easiest part. What’s hard is having the right mindset and actually believing in yourself that you can do this.


That’s why today I want to shine the light on you and help you believe in yourself and in that little voice that knows you can do great things in the world. As well as earn a living by doing what you love to do.  


You may already know this. But let’s remind you again.




I can’t say it more straightforward than that, my friend.


You have to ask for the sale at every point in your website. You do this by adding multiple calls to action on your website that ask for the sale.


There are many times where we can focus so much on giving a lot of value to our audience but we don’t ask for the sale. And then you wonder why your business is not making any money.


Well, my friend this is not to pick on you. But how can you get the sale if you’re not asking for it.


Ok, so I want you to do this. Do your own mini website audit.


  1. Evaluate where in your website are you missing any calls to action?
  2. Are your calls to action clear enough for your visitors to understand what they are clicking?
  3. Are the links of your calls to action taking people to right place and working correctly? Have you tested all your buttons and links on your website?


Make sure your website is asking for the sale, instead of just giving free value and leaving money on the table.


Just to recap, on what I have just said. The two things you need to do convert your visitors into buyers on your website is


  1. Change your mindset around selling.
  2. Ask for the sale, by adding calls to action on your website.


Now, in the comments below, tell me. Are you struggling to ask for the sale? If so, what mindset shift are you willing to make to change this around for you.


I want to thank you for opening this email and for being part of my community!


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