7 Elements of an Effective Website

When we start an online business, the first thing that we know for sure that we need is an effective website. But when we’re starting out how do we know what works and what doesn’t.

I want to talk to you about the 7 elements of an effective website. So if you’re just starting out, or you may have a website that is not effectively getting you the results you want, you can use these tips to upgrade your website to be more effective. Grab a few of these elements and add them to your website right now.

1. State the problem (get in your customer’s shoes): This will require you to do what you’re most scared of doing when you’re first starting out. Talk to your ideal customer for real. Yes, it’ll take time to actually understand and be able to put in words on your website. But the more you talk to real people and actually figure out the actual problem that you are solving, the better chance you’ll have to connect with your ideal client on your website.

2. Provide a solution to the problem: Ok. So let’s say you have stated the problem. And now the obvious solution to the problem is the products or services that you’re selling on your website. Hmm. Yes, that’s the obvious solution. But what we sometimes forget to illustrate is the end result that this solution will provide for your ideal client. This is where we tell them what’s on the other side of solving the problem, what are the possibilities. And we express how they most want to feel and how our services can provide that end result that they have been dreaming of.

3. State the process of buying: When a person has clarity on what will happen before, during and after a service. They will have more clarity to give you a “hell yeah!” and buy from you. Especially, when we’re buying a one-on-one service, we want to know what to expect. So having the step by step action plan beforehand will ease your ideal client’s mind when buying from you.

4. Add social proof: Show the results you have created for other clients. Whenever possible add testimonials to your website. Demonstrate your expertise with client case studies, showing off “before and after’s” of recent projects etc. Nothing sells more than seeing other people get the results you want from yourself.

5. Strategize your calls to action: You may be saying. “Uh Duh, this is a no brainer”. Because of course, you may have a buy button on your website for someone to buy your products or services. But are you just telling people to buy, and not telling them to read, learn more or actually stay on your website longer? Do you have a strategy in place to have people do what you want them to do? Because when you have a website that is optimized for conversions (e.g. website link to your masterclass), that’s when the magic starts to happen. Here’s something that you can do right now to make this happen. Think where on your website can you tell someone to read your about me page or your blog. Sometimes when we visit a website for the first time, we won’t buy from you. But if your content resonates and we get to know you more by spending more time on your website. We can later make a decision of buying from you because we know we can trust you.

6. State the value that you are providing: What are the deliverables? What’s in the package? For instance, when you buy my Web Design Services (link to design services). You just don’t get a full website design. You also get a 90 min Strategy Session, Sales Optimizer Worksheet, Website Inventory Checklist, Content Organizer Worksheet, Pre-launch Questionnaire, Done For You Website Design and 1 month of FREE Maintenance and Priority Email Support.

7. Give guarantees: Make people trust on you and your service by providing a guarantee. If you are able to eliminate the fear that many clients have before buying. Which is: “What if it doesn’t work for me”. You, my friend will get an easy buy. In order to do this you must understand your ideal clients deepest frustrations and desires.

Ok my friend. These are the 7 elements of an effective website. You don’t have to have it perfect, but if you just use one or two elements  from the list you can best believe that you’ll see different results from your website.

Now tell me in the comments below, are you getting the results that you want from your website? If not, what do you think it is? And what can you change or tweak on your website to make it more effective?

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