Straight up.

It’s taking so long for you to get clients because you’re consuming too much free content. 


More than you’re creating it. 




And I know it’s kinda controversial what I’m saying since technically this is a form of FREE content.


But hear me out for a second. 


I love free content! 


Especially when it’s so helpful and inspiring. 


But there’s a point where you have to put some blinders on and stop overwhelming yourself with new pdfs, webinars, and free courses, etc. 


Insight followed by action is the only thing that will get you booking clients consistently.


So do me a favor and limit your intake on free content and start getting into action. 


But how can you stop consuming free content, if you feel that you still don’t know how to market?


How can you totally put blinders on and not learn from someone who’s been ahead of you?


I get you…


That’s why today I’m going live to talk to you about:


  • The real reason you’re consuming so much free content. (And it’s not because you can’t afford paid programs or coaches.)
  • Why it’s crucial for you to put blinders on and stop overwhelming yourself with so much content. 
  • What I do to stay focused while still continuing to learn from my favorite experts in my industry without hopping back again in the hamster wheel. 


This Live Session is for you, if you feel that you’ve been on a hamster’s wheel consuming so much content, yet not really taking action on anything that you’re learning.


Let’s get you out of overwhelm and into more action.

C’me on over to the Facebook group! Where we have a deeper conversation around this topic and answer your questions.


Want to know all 12 reasons right now? Download the free PDF here.


P.S. The Credible Expert Program is open for applications. Book a Lead assessment call with me to talk about the program and help you identify why you’re not booking clients right now.


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